Our Projects

Cygnus staff have successfully delivered projects for clients around the world, earning the role of trusted advisers. The projects below demonstrate how we have helped our clients address key business and manufacturing objectives. 

TTC SCADA Master System Replacement

Cygnus has been contracted by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to design and implement a SCADA Master System with a modern Wonderware® System Platform system.  The project has received excellent client satisfaction ratings, with scope that includes engineering design, cyber security planning and secure network design, and configuration of the new SCADA hardware and software.

The TTC SCADA Master system provides broad-based monitoring and control of fixed facilities throughout the subway and surface rail systems in Toronto, including 75 passenger stations and 56 traction power substations.  Its functions include control, monitoring, management, information storage and retrieval, and integration with major TTC systems.

Equipment Condition and Performance Monitoring

Cygnus supervised the successful implementation of an equipment condition monitoring system for a major nuclear power generation station.  This project included integration with existing automation systems and implementation of equipment monitoring applications.

The project delivered a SCADA data collection and monitoring backbone implemented using vendor-supplied integration products and Wonderware® SCADA software.

The system includes approximately 50,000 I/O spread over multiple operating units (reactor and turbine/generators). The system is fully redundant with multiple application servers and archive servers. Interfaces were developed to integrate seamlessly with legacy control systems and the system provides functionality to transfer process data to the corporate long-term archive system.

McNeil Online Statistical Process Control (SPC), McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Division of Johnson & Johnson), Guelph Ontario

Cygnus delivered a Wonderware®-based data collection and online Statistical Process Control System to support the client’s quality improvement initiative. Turnkey SCADA System Integration services included assisting in the development of user requirements documentation, analysis of production data to develop control chart parameters, functional design (including functional requirements and system architecture), detailed design, implementation services, development of test protocols to support GxP Computer System validation, installation and commissioning of the system, and ongoing system support.

FGF Brands SCADA System, Concord, Ontario

Cygnus successfully implemented a new SCADA system to support the client’s Continuous Process Improvement Initiatives at their production facilities in Toronto and surrounding areas, resulting in significant efficiency improvements, improvements in quality and waste reduction.  The system was designed to collect real time production, quality, and waste information from plant equipment, calculate production efficiency metrics, Display the metrics to plant staff using several multi-screen HMI’s; and provide visibility management to all plants using secure mobile technology.

Apollo Health and Beauty Care SCADA and Control System, North York, Ontario

Cygnus has implemented several extensions/upgrades to the Wonderware®-based SCADA system at Apollo Health and Beauty Care’s plant in North York, an essential component of their production process.  Cygnus designed and implemented a batch reporting system, merge of all SCADA systems into a single Wonderware® Galaxy, upgrade of the Wonderware® system to System Platform 2012 R2, replacement of standalone HMIs with a redundant Terminal Server (TSE) implementation, conversion of system architecture to integrate with the customer’s Active Directory infrastructure, implementation of application server redundancy, configuration of a virtualized test environment with the same configuration as the production system, modifications to the system to support new products and process changes, and commissioning of a SCADA system for batch cells.

Emissions Monitoring Implementation and Integration

We implemented an air emission monitoring system in several gas processing facilities in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.  There was integration with their CEMS/PEMS systems providing on-line emission calculations and corporate emission reporting.

CygnusMES Implementation and Integration

Cygnus implemented our CygnusMES system into a Canadian consumer packaging plant which was then integrated with their ERP and plant automation systems.  This included production order dispatching and tracking, automated downtime registration, performance metrics (OEE) , shift order management and reporting, and production and KPI reporting.

Project Management and Implementation of Emissions Monitoring and Performance Management System

We provided project management services as well as the complete implementation of an Emissions Monitoring and Performance Management System for a major Canadian Power Utility company.  This included management of the entire project integration team, along with supervision of testing and acceptance activities, as well as working with and dealing with issues that arose with the management from the utility and the other integrator.