Cygnus is a capable and trusted integrated systems partner. As a partner from the beginning, we seek to understand your business challenges, and identify the best solutions while leveraging existing infrastructure where possible. Our clients become increasingly committed to their partnership with Cygnus as their business goals are achieved. 

SCADA System, Food Manufacturer, Concord, Ontario

Cygnus successfully implemented a new SCADA system to support our client’s Continuous Process Improvement initiatives at their production facilities.  Specifically, the client needed to more effectively monitor and control real-time production metrics, machine downtime, process alarms and quality test results.

The system was designed to:

  • collect real time production and quality information from plant equipment;
  • calculate real-time production efficiency metrics;
  • display the metrics to plant staff using several large, wall-mounted screens; and
  • provide management with visibility to all plants.

The successful completion of this project provided vital support to the client’s Continuous Improvement initiatives, allowing the company to achieve, manage and track significant improvements in efficiency, quality and waste reduction.

Power Control SCADA System, Public Transit Operator

Cygnus was contracted by one of the largest public transit operators in North America to implement a power control SCADA system using Wonderware System Platform.  The project included engineering design, cyber security plans, secure network design, and configuration of the new SCADA hardware and software.

The system is required to operate on a 24X7 basis, as it supports both operations and maintenance activities and monitors security and fire alarms.  It provides broad-based monitoring and control of fixed facilities including 80 passenger stations and 62 traction power substations.  Key functions include:

  • Control and monitoring of subway traction power control;
  • Monitoring and management of surface (street car) energization;
  • Emergency ventilation monitoring;
  • Information storage and retrieval; and
  • Integration with the train control and signaling system.

Services provided by Cygnus include engineering design, cyber security plans, secure network design, migration of over 250 screens and integration with both modern and legacy PLC and RTU hardware during multi-phase commissioning.  To meet a specific client need, Cygnus developed an OPC server to connect the new system to the legacy RTU hardware.  High client satisfaction ratings were maintained throughout the project, leading to successful commissioning, startup and on-going support.

CygnusMES Implementation and Integration, Consumer Packaging Client

Cygnus was engaged to review existing systems for the Canadian division of the largest supplier of molded fiber egg packaging company in the world.   This review included an evaluation of ERP, MES and SCADA integration.

To address identified gaps and to better align systems with business needs, Cygnus implemented a Manufacturing Information System which was fully integrated with existing ERP and plant automation systems.  This was done using Cygnus’ proprietary MES software (CygnusMES™) and included production order dispatching and tracking, automated downtime registration, performance metrics (OEE), shift order management & reporting and production/KPI reporting.

The project was implemented smoothly, avoiding disruptions to the operation.  As a result of this implementation, the client was able to achieve steady productivity gains which led the company to profitability and eventual expansion.  When a new plant was built, the same CygnusMES™ system was installed.

The CygnusMES™ has become a mission critical application that Operators, Supervisors, Maintenance, Production Planners, Management, and Supply Chain planners rely on to effectively execute their functions.

Equipment Condition and Performance Monitoring, Electric Power Utility

Cygnus provided key technical and project management support to a project undertaken to implement an equipment condition monitoring system for a major nuclear power generation station.  Cygnus’ role included design of the high availability SCADA architecture.

Working with the client’s Design Engineering group, Cygnus successfully met the client’s stringent requirements for formal engineering documentation, development, risk management, cyber security, testing and verification processes.  The result was a solution that provided key Security, Equipment Reliability and information benefits to the operation.

The project delivered a SCADA data collection and monitoring backbone, fully integrated with existing automation systems and implemented using vendor-supplied integration products and Wonderware® SCADA software.

The system includes approximately 50,000 I/O spread over multiple operating units (reactor and turbine/generators). The system is fully redundant with multiple application servers and archive servers. Interfaces were developed to integrate seamlessly with legacy control systems and the system provides functionality to transfer process data to a corporate long-term archive system.

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SCADA and Control System, Consumer Products Plant, North York, Ontario

Cygnus has implemented several extensions/upgrades to the Wonderware®-based SCADA system at a consumer products plant in North York, including:

  • Design and implementation of a batch reporting system;
  • Replacement of standalone HMIs with a redundant Terminal Server (TSE) implementation;
  • Conversion of the system architecture to integrate with the customer’s Active Directory infrastructure;
  • Implementation of application server redundancy;
  • Modifications to the system to support new products and process changes;
  • Commissioning of a SCADA system for batch cells;
  • Extension of the SCADA functionality to provide data for OEE tracking and reporting; and
  • Implementation of a recipe management system that improves batch control through increased automation.

The extension of the Wonderware SCADA implementation to provide real-time data to OEE systems provided significant business benefits including the following:

  • Enhanced ‘Operator Empowerment’, as the system provides the information shop floor staff need to react faster when issues arise;
  • Benchmarking capability (machine-by-machine, line-by-line, batch-by-batch, and shift-by-shift); and
  • Support for Continuous Improvement by providing objective information related to operational constraints.