Consulting and System Integration for your Plant Operations

Improving Productivity, Exceeding Expectations

At Cygnus Consulting Inc., we provide system integration and related Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions to manufacturing plants and industrial facilities. Located in Markham, Ontario, Cygnus has gained an outstanding reputation for knowledge, expertise and professionalism in delivering plant operations solutions to an expanding list of clients in the power generation, transportation, oil and gas, petrochemical steel, consumer products, and food and beverage sectors.

Cygnus is a capable and trusted system integration partner. Our staff have decades of combined expertise in automation engineering and plant operations as well as having in-depth technical expertise in the solutions we provide. Cygnus strives to ensure that our work is of the highest professional standard.

As a demonstration of our continued commitment to our clients, we maintain an ongoing quality management system that is registered to ISO 9001, recognized internationally as the preeminent quality standard. This management system includes policies and procedures intended to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction now and in the future. Our company is committed to ongoing effective application of our quality management system including processes for continual improvement. This commitment to quality means that our clients can have confidence in our organization’s ability to consistently provide services that meet their requirements.

Our goal as a company is to improve your overall productivity within your operations. We do not simply deliver and integrate your software. We partner with you from the beginning to identify your key business challenges, we integrate the right solutions for your business, and we work with you even after the project is complete to make sure you have the ongoing support you need to be successful.

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