A capable and trusted systems partner

Consulting Services

Cygnus can offer you the benefit of many years of experience in systems engineering and plant operations, allowing us to provide invaluable support to your digital transformation and digital optimization initiatives.  We can assess your current systems, prepare a business case for change, determine requirements and budgets for new projects, and provide ongoing support to ensure continuing success.


System Integration Services

At Cygnus, we don't just upgrade or deliver your SCADA, HMI or MES solution. Often we're also asked to improve overall connectivity by integrating with other existing plant systems. These may include business systems, control systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

Evaluation and Assessment Services

Cygnus will evaluate and assess your current digital systems to assist you in determining your requirements and identifying next steps. We can also assist with developing an RFQ. Our consultants not only understand industrial operations, but also the engineering requirements necessary to achieve proper asset utilization and increased operational productivity.

Project Economic Services

We can help you develop the business case for your integrated systems projects including cost estimates and ROI analysis.

Project Management Services

Cygnus can provide overall project management for your automation systems and IT projects. We have rigorous internal project processes and procedures in place to manage cost, schedule and quality so that client requirements are met.

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