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Other Cygnus Solutions

Cygnus successfully integrates 3rd party SCADA software with our own CygnusMES modules to provide innovative solutions tailored to meet specific business needs such as:

  • Standardize information collection and replace paper forms and spreadsheets;
  • Allow benchmarking of machines, production lines, production runs, and plants to identify trends and drive performance improvements;
  • Provide shift reports that give management exactly the information they need;
  • Connect standalone measuring systems to provide meaningful, real-time information to management; and
  • Display key production metrics on the plant floor using highly visible graphical formats so that operators are empowered to respond when issues first arise.

The software provides:

  • Production reporting/performance management;
  • Order dispatching and tracking;
  • Enterprise integration;
  • Quality tracking;
  • Data storage for future analysis;
  • Maintenance management;
  • Utility and other input management/reporting;
  • Process alerts; and
  • Mobile user interface.

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